adept on pledge
February 12 2013, 09:03:48

First sign of life from us in 2013. Yes, we are alive and kicking!

Got some pretty good news to bring you and lets get the party started with some exciting news form the ADEPT camp.

Well most of you seen it coming, but now we can finally reveal some more info about the new album SILENCE THE WORLD. 11 great new songs recorded again down at Studio Fredman, the very same studio where the band recorded “Death Dealers”.

The release date is now set to March 22:nd and the record will be available digitally worldwide as well as on CD in stores around Europe mainly.

But fans of the’s the deal:

You can already now PLEDGE for the new album and get some brand new merch etc. This basically means that the record can be pre-ordered very early. Check this out:

Pledge here and get more info and support the band, and get your stuff delivered to the door directly upon release. You can get signed stuff and more too. And some very special stuff is up for grabs.

Very soon upon release the band will head out touring. A UK tour with WITH ONE LAST BREATH is booked and starts April 8:th. 10 shows in total.

Directly after that the guys jumps over to mainland Europe where they join the impressive Impericon Progression tour alongside CALLEJON, AUGUST BURNS RED, ARCHITECTS and BREAKDOWN OF SANITY. Ending the whole tour are two festivals, Loudfest in Switzerland and Groezrock in Belgium. More festivals and other dates to follow.

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her bright skies on tour
February 12 2013, 09:00:42

HER BRIGHT SKIES have just recently started their ’get in the van’ year and started to support their very strong and great new album “RIVALS”.

Currently on tour with ROYAL REPUBLIC, the band got some more plans to reveal soon. Ladbrokes says they think the band will follow the path of Leif Ericson and Christoffer Colombus and soon land somewhere across the pond = the other side of the Atlantic. Probably more north than south. Stay tuned for more news as they are setting their sails.

In the meantime, don’t forget to give a listen to their latest single and album:
Music video for "Lovekills"
"Rivals" on Spotify and iTunes

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walking with strangers and aim for the sunrise
February 12 2013, 08:45:14

Walking With Strangers

Got a brand new video ( out now for their song “Clouds”. A song from the WE CURSE THE DAY compilation. New material being written and we hope to bring some release news from them soon.

One thing set up is a Scandinavian tour supporting BURY TOMORROW early May. Dates here below:

02.05.13 - Norway Stavanger, Tou Scene
03.05.13 - Norway, Bergen, Garage
04.05.13 - Norway, Oslo, Gamla
07.05.13 - Denmark, Aarhus, Backstage
08.05.13 - Denmark, Copenhagen, Lions & Barrels
09.05.13 - Sweden, Linköping, Skylten
10.05.13 - Sweden, Gothenburg, Fängelset
11.05.13 - Sweden, Stockholm, Arena Satelliten

Aim For The Sunrise

Recently lost their drummer, Nicko, but quickly a got replacement, Tobias, and with such a strong debut as the October released “No Kings, No Chains” under their belt, we hope they’ll soon be back to pound it out it live all over Scandinavia and Europe.

Promising band with a really strong new album out. Tons more people need to hear them so
spread the word and start the AFTS takeover...It’s a great album with great melodies and heavy beats that people need to discover.

Music video for "Golden".
"No Kings, No Chains on Spotify and iTunes

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